Saturday, January 19, 2008

Robert Fischer will be remember for his achievements in Chess!

A few days ago the world learn that the 1972 - 1975 -World Chess Championship Bobby Fischer (March 9, 1943 – January 17, 2008) passed away at the age of 64! Some of my friends and family members emailed me and called me to inform me, I only met Fischer once briefly in 1972 while still in high school he asked us where the kibitzing room at while visiting a tournament, so did not know him personally! He died at fairly young age matching the total squares on a chessboard, sixty-four. Many have given their opinion of this American Chess player, mostly good for his part in chess history and his style of chess playing at a most difficult time in world history!

True he became more paranoid while away from USA and unfortunately only a few people could reach him, but could not change him! What he said during these later years is not easily forgiven nor his actions later in his life.

His earlier years via his chess playing he influence many including myself, and to this day I play chess and mostly teach the game to our young players at various clubs and classes! And seeing these young players discover the game and its many delights of winning and frustration when losing, they still come back another day with a better plan if they put some effort into learning more about the game's history and the tactic's needed to play a better game.

Not everyone will become a chess champion, same as not everyone will win the Superbowl, but chess being an individual game makes it an even more interesting game as only you can make it better for yourself by studying and playing as often as possible and make new friends along the way, not just over the OTB - over-the-board, but on the Internet and the clubs you take part in.

Chess has been changing besides reading material, as we now have computer programs that can assist us in studying the game, chess does not currently have all the stats like other sports that people can look at, nor is easy to sit and watch chess players play! So most only see and study a players chess notation (of the game played) or find it on the Internet as part of someones else's analysis of another game that is similar. The game it self is limited to only 64 squares so I'm sure it will change again as there many variants out their now, and has changed over 500 years ago when it arrived in Europe. there may be other games more complex but chess as we know it now is a challenge and one that keep us thinking for the next best move!

To this day I still play chess with old friends and new friends on the Internet as well as our local clubs, tournaments and as coach I enjoy teaching and playing chess with our young players as they will be our future chess players and possible leaders of tomorrow. Teaching them about good sportsmanship and playing to have fun and to apply some of the things we learn by playing chess, thinking things throughly is a good thing! As I hear many people say I do not have time to THINK!

Everything we do requires us to think and sometimes its to do something Right or Wrong! Hopefully with chess the process is made easier and people can make better choices for themselves as well as their community and throughout their life! So look for a nearby chess club its never to late to start playing and learning chess or any game you chose to exercise the mind with! So are you ready for a game of CHESS!!


Chess said...

Bobby Fisher is my favorite player since I started to love the game of chess. I've heard a lot of fisher when he played a championship game in United States Championships at the age of 14, he Inspired me a lot of playing chess I've watched some of his videos and love his superb moves.

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