Friday, January 25, 2008's First Diamond Member!

submitted by jay on Fri, 01/25/2008 at 3:13pm.

As many of you know, launched its Premium Membership Program just a short while ago, and yesterday we had our very first Diamond Member sign up! We just wanted to write a short news piece to say "Thanks!" to Frank Alejandro (frank713) for supporting the site.

Frank is an avid chess fan, and has posted more information about his chess club in Hawaii here on Don't hesitate to visit his profile and check out all the interesting content he has contributed to, including the various events he's promoting as well.

A small quote from Frank regarding his purchase, "I like so far what I have seen at and its many and upcoming features sound promising! I purchased my lifetime as a sign of good faith that is here to stay."

Thanks again Frank! And we definitely are "here to stay".

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by Patzer24 - 7 hours ago
United States
Member Since: Jun 2007
Member Points: 5393

Thanks Frank! Smile

by cdhamm - 7 hours ago
Denver United States
Member Since: Oct 2007
Member Points: 24

Thank you Frank!

by okmrbill - 7 hours ago
Toledo, Ohio United States
Member Since: Aug 2007
Member Points: 35

Way to go Frank... I was wondering if anyone would buy the lifetime...i can't afford the big bucks yet...but look forward to getting the gold membership soon when I come into some extra bucks. This site keeps me alert at my job, and has a personal intrinsic value---diamond membership supports the site for all of us.

by shadowc - 6 hours ago
Buenos Aires Argentina
Member Since: Jul 2007
Member Points: 332

I think the same and I hope to stay here for many years to come as well...

by Am3692 - 6 hours ago
Newbury Park, CA United States
Member Since: Oct 2007
Member Points: 146

Wow, I wish I could get a diamond account. But I am still 15 so I can't spend that much money =P.

by KingFork - 6 hours ago
Chicago, IL United States
Member Since: Sep 2007
Member Points: 76

Yeah, I'm jealous. Although students like AM3692 and myself aren't yet making the big bucks.

by Unbeliever - 4 hours ago
United States
Member Since: Nov 2007
Member Points: 576

While it does not, as it does for others, keep me awake at work, it most certainly does provide the best online chess experience I've ever had.

by bgangioni - 3 hours ago
The best country Argentina
Member Since: Nov 2007
Member Points: 68

(And yet another one who can't afford the big bucks, but soon expects to be able)

Thank you, Frank, as they said. You support the site, and we all enjoy it. And that goes to you too, all premium members - I have seen a lot of golden stars around in the site, and as soon as posible will be owning one, I hope :)

by frank713 - 2 hours ago
Kaneohe, Hawaii United States
Member Since: Jan 2008
Member Points: 56

Aloha & Mahalo,

To all you as well, I didn't realize I was the first! But as I also promote various other chess activities and non related to chess causes and try my best to make good calls! I am very confident that will be the one of places to be on-line NOW and years to come. As its offers various types of chess games variants as well, real-time, turn-base, vote chess and I'm sure more types will become popular!

I also like to say that its time chess had more then just a simple rating, and have been promoting CXR - Chess Express, Inc. for over the board games in Hawaii, as it too has features that no other present chess rating program gives us. I believe that additional ratings stats such as has here is helpful to players as well and encourage others to visit CXR web site and see for themselves. Why should only sports games such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer be the only ones that use stats. As Chess Coach an club director I find and CXR and others that use more then just a chess rating more useful in seeing how players are doing! One day maybe there be a web site that has links to each of the main chess ratings systems we use such as USCF, FIDE, CXR, (Internet) ratings and other countries as well and place in each players profile. Now that would be interesting wouldn't it!

If your ever in Hawaii please stop by our Windward Chess & Go Club in at Borders Bookstore, in Kaneohe, Hawaii! To play Chess or Go!



by spoji - 2 hours ago
Montreal, QC, CA Canada
Member Since: Oct 2007
Member Points: 24

Way to go Frank!

by Singa - 55 minutes ago
Member Since: Sep 2007
Member Points: 112

I would like to be a diamond-member too , but .......................... I would wait and see for a little while longer.

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