Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paul V. Smith returns to Hawaii Chess Circuit

The Town Center of Mililani

Hawaii had its first Chess tournament today in the new year 2008! And after a eight year absence PAUL V SMITH returned to chess tournament action. he had a little rough start losing to our regular tournament player DATRIS ANTONIO ROBINSON but won the next four games and won the small Mililani Chess Day Tournament. in 2nd place came ARTEMIO DELA CRUZ and 3rd place WILLIAM P SHEA. TD Randy Prothero! Randy mention it was great beautiful day to play chess at the town center!

With the Scholastic Championships around the corner, we would expect more scholastic players to play in these monthly USCF & CXR rated events, hmm as well myself! :-(

Next scholastic tournament is Jan 21 (MLK Day) at (new playing location) - Washington Middle School and next month on February 9th - State Action Championships G/45, see for details at the Town Center of Mililani! TD Guy P. Ontai for both upcoming events!

Suggestion: So better not only dust off the Chess & Go boards, but those chess & go books and chess & go programs, G/5 minute games is fun, but not good for slow championship games preparing! So the next step is to visit your local chess clubs otherwise the same players will keep winning these tournaments! Just like any other sport the more time quality practice time the better your performance over the chess or go board!

Mark Stitham mention a new (to me) a free web site for playing on-line chess at and Fred Haley mention another new web site for playing Go on 9x9 or 13x13 board program (standalone program) that is also free to download at So no excuses if your not ready for the Hawaii Championships!

Hawaii Warriors
were ill prepare for the Georgia football players relentlessness blitz, so don't get caught over the chessboard or go board the same way! my ID is frank713 as well as at KGS, http;//, and ICC

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