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Latest Hawaii Chess & Go tournament results

Aloha, Lots of tournaments have come and gone since November 2006! Hawaii even has Go tournaments now see the report near bottom.

First the final results of the Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League which involved the following tournaments, Le Jardin Academy Open Tournament (Sept 2006), Veteran's Day Nov 2006, MLK tournament, Jan 2007 and President's Day Feb 2007, in all 23 games and 4 tournaments, and almost 200 players in the (Open sections only) and the winners are. The winners received some plagues and funds to enter one of the many Championship tournaments to be held in the coming months and rated by USCF.

HICL Overall Performance Rating Winners.

1582 6th Stephen Mau 1st Overall
1515 11th John Iinuma 2nd Overall
1480 11th Kevin Erick 3rd Overall

1443 12th Alex Farrell 1st High
1413 11th Aaron Bright 2nd High
1371 10th Michael Flores 3rd High

1461 6th Tristan Kaonohi 1st Intermediate
1456 6th Likeke Aipa 2nd Intermediate
1441 7th William Chen 3rd Intermediate

1307 5th Nathaniel Brown 1st Elementary
1302 5th Noah White 2nd Elementary
1263 5th Ryan Hara 3rd Elementary

1088 2nd Kevin Zheng 1st Primary
909 1st Lily Perry 2nd Primary
793 K Patrick Perry 3rd Primary

Now for the rest of the tournament results!

Jan 15, MLK Open was won by Robert Lau with a 6.0 record and Joshu Lee won the Novice section with a 7.0 record on Jan 15.

Results on Feb 19 Presidents Day Interscholastic in the High school section there was a four way tie between John Iiumna, Chen William, Alex Farrall, and Kevin Erick all with 5.0 points. Interscholastic was won by 6th Stephen Mau, Elementary was won by Tristan Kaonohi, Likeke Aipa both with 6.0 points. The Primary section was won by Roy Yang a late comer to teh open section tournaments and won with a perfect score of 6.0 points. The last Novice section for this season was won by Carter Lam 7.0 points and we hope to see do well in the open section as well. Note: Robert Lau, Charles Sonido and a few others did not attend this tournament as they were in Las Vegas not gambling, but playing in a National Team event.

March 9 & 10 Hawaii State Section Championships:

High school section, Robert Lau with 5.5 points and once again the Hawaii State Champion,

Intermediate Champion Marissa Wai with a perfect 5.0 record,

Elementary Section Tristan Kaonohi and Likeke Aipa both with perfect 5.0 scores won their section.

In the Primary section the winner was Roy Yang and Ford Nakagawa a new comer's to Hawaii Scholastic Open Chess both had 5.0 records.

Guy Ontai is seriously thinking about making these lower school events a two day event to ensure they can play out the rounds and determine the winners without tiebreaks. Congrats to all the winners and to everyone for making this a outstanding success.

Mililani Chess Day tournament result so far in 2007, Randy Prothero continues to run this monthly event, we hope to see more and more scholastic players soon!

Jan 20, Mueller, Beau 5.0, 14 players

Feb 24, Gionson, Chet J, & Kira, Scott had 4.0 were tied for first, 9 players.

Mar 25, Gionson, Chet J. & Mueller, Beau had 4.0 points tied for first, 9 players.


The following is not chess but it does involve many chess players who also play the board game of Go a game that is 4500 years old.

On March 16 & 17 Hawaii made some AGA Go history, we had our first ever AGA rated event as well as the first ever in Hawaii U.S Youth Go Championship Qualifier, sponsored by Oahu Go Club and Hongwanji Mission School. The two winner's here will be playing in the U.S. Youth Go Championship later in May 26 & 27 in Seattle along with the other winners of all 8 Qualifier's a total of 16 players. The winner were Kevin Kitamura 1.5dan - Hawaii Senior Youth Go Champion and Chase Kessler 10 kyu - Hawaii Junior Go Champion. All winner's were sponsored by Ing Foundation with transportation and hotel expense's paid.

We followed up this tournament with two more tournaments held back to back weekends, at Le Jardin Academy (a club event) March 24th was again won by Chase Kessler 10 kyu, and on March 31 at Kailua District Park that tournament was win by Aaron Lief 9 kyu. See American Go Association ratings section for list of Hawaii Rating roster or visit Oahu Go Club's web site for more information and results wall charts.

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