Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Palolo Holiday Quads - last chess tournament in 2006 in Hawaii

Aloha & Happy New Year!

The last 2006 chess tournament was held on December 30th, 2006 at Palolo District Park.

Tristan Kaonohi 5.0 points and Vinh Le 6.0 points were the winners of their respective Quads, we only had 10 players in two Quads, but that is expected during the holidays, all the players earn some type of award. Tournament was held Palolo District Park and felt (as a dry run that it ws successful), now we are talking about another tournament later spring in a much larger room.

So check Hawaii Chess Federation's web site to see the new 2007 Chess Tournament schedule at www.hawaiichess.org . Tournament was CXR rated only!

Next tournaments in January 2005 are:

Jan 15, 2007 The MLK Scholastic Tournament G/25 - At Aliamanu Intermediate School, CXR & HICL rated

Jan 20, 2007 Mililani Chess Day G/45 - At Mililani Town Center, USCF & CXR rated

For the rest of the listed schedule go to http://hawaiichess.homestead.com/Calendar.html

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Pua said...

aloha paco,
when searching online for kindred spirits from hawaii, i cam across your blog. sorry but my chess knowledge is minimal, so this comment won't be a big contribution to your hawaii chess blog but maybe it's a start of some joint efforts to help each others blog. i am happy to accasionally drop by and see what is new on your chess blog. please, do the same with my blog everything hawaii. looking forward to your comment. mahalo and aloha, pua