Monday, April 09, 2007

2007 Hawaii Girls' State Championship

Hawaii's first official Girl's Chess State Championship was held on April 7th at Aliamanu Intermediate in their Science classroom. Five players played in the three round event. TD Guy Ontai ran a smooth tournament just hours before he had to board a plane.

The new Hawaii Girls Champion for 2007 is Oyadamari, Ashbea with a perfect score of 3.0 points, tired for 2nd was Wai, Marissa & Fischer, Holly , and third place was also tied between Perry, Liliy & Cummings, Casey , The tournament was small, but it was the first so we expect next event to be much larger as the word get out. Ashbea will be representing Hawaii at the Susan Polgar Girls Tournament, and the winner there will win a 4 year scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas. So its well worth your time to learn the game of chess!

These event was rated by CXR so please visit this web site for these players and the other 200 plus scholastic & adults players that played in these years events. Note: If your CXR membership has expired you can renew online. Here in Hawaii CXR rates all tournaments including the USCF events no faster than 7 minutes per player! Questions email Frank Alejandro

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