Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Windward Chess News & Special events

Aloha & Happy New Year,

First Monday, January 16th HCF, has scheduled the MLK Day Scholastic Tournament the first tournament this year at Aliamanu Intermediate School, TD Guy Onati & Randy Prothero. See for details and entry form. HICL top performer's battles are ongoing as we complete each scholastic tournament, only a few players have reached the required 18 games needed to qualify, so after this tournament the HICL picture will be clearer. This may be the last of full Open play tournament "open k-12th" this school year!

Since the next tournament on Feb 20 is a team's tournaments all players can still play, just will be placed in team with other school players if you do not have four players from one school. Schools are allowed more than one team.

The last scholastic tournament currently scheduled for this school year in the HCF web site is the March 10 - 11 Hawaii Divisions Championships, in High school division K -12th invited, Intermediate school divsvison K -8th and Elementary school division K - 6th you can only enter in one division. This last tournament may not be rated by HICL if we have no open tournament at Kahuku in April. If we do then we will count the March tournament as well and make presentations at Kakuhu for the HICL top rating performance players awards 2005 -2006 season for Overall, High, Intermediate, and elementary.

Either way all scholastic tournaments will be rated by (CXR) Chess Express, Inc, based in New York. see This is a National rating system and includes your USCF tournaments in Hawaii and mainland if I'm made of the mainland tournaments prior to playing in them I will rate for you via CXR!

Second, after seven weeks at Times Coffee Shop due to holidays, WM management has invited Windward Chess Club back, starting today January 11th, but I failed to submit the the contract paperwork in a timely fashion so NO MEETING tonight at the mall. Its totally my fault and we hope to get approval from GGP in, Chicago, IL the main office by next week, if not we meet there after approval is given and paperwork and contract has been signed and approved. We have have been meeting at Windward Mall since Oct 2001 and we look forward to many more years of meeting there. Its good for the community and Windward Mall.

Note sometime in April / May 2006, Windward Mall will been starting a $23 million upgrade and so due to construction in the mall during that time we will not be meeting there. We will be seeking another meeting place so any suggestions please email ASP! We expect to return to the Windward Mall after the construction period but that is pending approval by GGP as well!


Frank H. Alejandro

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