Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Robert Lau wins MLK Day Scholastic Tournament with 5.5 score!

Aloha Hawaii chess players and friends,

Good news! Windward Chess Club WILL be meeting tonight Jan 18 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at Windward Mall - Center stage area, for the first time this new year. We will have lessons end game study. I kept seeing lots of games drawn or lost due to not knowing how to win with material advantage at the MLK Scholastic tournament. And there will Quads for those interested in rated CXR games to keep the tournament skill edge up.

Robert Lau out scored the rest of the "Open section" group with a 5 1/2 score to win the overall 1st award, also staying on top of the National standings HICL CXR standings as well as retaking the lead in the local seasonal standing in the HICL - Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League with a 1545 rating and a 11-0-1 after only two tournaments! John Iinumna continue on his quest to regain the HICL lead with a rating of 1520 and a 15-2-1 record in three tournaments, Christopher Wong at 1473 and a 13-3-2 record after three tournaments is in third place. With only one more tournament to be rated by HICL it down to the wire at the Presidents Day Team Scholastic tournament. Best of luck to all involved!

MLK Day Tournament Overall Winners

1st - Robert Lau (HomeH) (CXR 2031) (HICL 1525) 5.5

2nd - John Iinuma (PCHS) (CXR 1634) (HICL 1520) 5.0

3rd- Denton Lee (PCHS) (CXR 1778) (HICL 1450) 5.0

High school division Winners

1st - Bright, Aaron (MoHS) (CXR 1398) (HICL 1396) 5.0 WCC

2nd - Richey, Chris (RadHS) (CXR 1178) (HICL1327) 5.0

3rd - Otsuka, Kevin (Iolani) (CXR 1318 ) (HICL 1351) 5.0

Intermediate Division Winners

1st - Amore, Matthew (MaryIS) (CXR 1171) (HICL 1267) 4.0

2nd - Kobayashi, Taro (PCHIS) (CXR 1190) (HICL 1223) 3.5

3rd - Whalen, Cameron (MaryIS) (CXR 1110 ) (HICL 1221) 3.5

Elementary division Winners

1st - Swartworth, William (LeJarE) (CXR 1372) (HICL 1363) 4.0 WCC

2nd - Morikawa, Mickey (MaryIS) (CXR 1064) (HICL 1220) 4.0

3rd - Lum, Blaise Kapena (MaryES) (CXR 1063) (HICL 1210) 4.0

Novice Section A– Prize Report

1st - Kidani, Kimberly (13,MaryIS) 6.5

2nd - Benavitz, Walter (8,HomeIS) 6.5

3rd - Krienke, Marissa (5,HomeIS) 6.0 WCC

To review the rest MLK Day Tournament results go to the HCF results page .

For the National HICL CXR standing go to the HICL CXR standings

For the local HICL standings go to the HICL seasonal standings

The next tournament is the Presidents Day Scholastic on Feb 20 at Aliamanu Intermediate School This will be the last local HICL rated tournament this school year (To qualify for performance of end of year awards), the rest of scholastic scheduled will be rated by CXR but will not be rated by HICL! All HICL awards will be handed out at the March 11 tournament to be held at Windward Community College! See HCF web site for schedule!


Frank H. Alejandro
Windward Chess Club Director
HICL / CXR Ratings Administrator
Chess Coach

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