Monday, February 13, 2006

Chess Tournaments in Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii Chess players,

1. I inquired with HCF President Randy Prothero about Hawaii's first 2006 USCF rated Mililani chess tournament that was to be held on Saturday Feb 11 and was informed that only three chess players showed up to play. So they canceled the tournament, but they stayed the whole day giving beginner lessons, playing on the giant chess board and playing skittle games with the public at the Mililani Town Center! I did not not play myself so no finger pointing from me, but I am curious why the rest of Hawaii chess players were no shows.

I know it being flu season, the Pro Bowl the next day and the Olympics were being shown on the television I guess we had reasons for not playing. Could have been the cool weather, which to me was rather nice to have, knowing what really cold weather is like having stationed in Grand Forks, N.D. and seeing chill tempatures of -80! Brrr now that's freezing!! Glad I live in Hawaii now!

Anyway please give us some feedback as to what will bring you to the next USCF tournament. Would an all scholastic event be of interest? G/45 may seen long, but if you ever played in the mainland or a state / national tournament game times per player are higher G/90 to G/120+ and these tournaments last for two or three days. Think about the longer you think about finading the right move the better chance of winning! Entry fees are higher too!

Anyway let us know what your looking for so we have better attendance as well as better tournaments. Mililani Town Center is really wanting chess players to play there really have a nice area for us, it is covered but outside. If you prefer another location let us known where and we'll check it out! Also if your interested in becoming a Tournament Director please let us know! Or if your interesting in helping a school chess club form and and give lessons we have a few openings both leeward and windward schools! If you want to know more about how to run a chess club just follow this link

2. Feb 20 President's Day is the next Scholastic tournament its as team tournament, but you DO NOT have to have a team to play, Guy Ontai will place you in a Ronin team, and there is a Novice section which I suspect will be a large group as well are getting more new players interested from public schools. Please visit the Hawaii Chess Federation web site at for more information on upcoming tournament, there are a few at "various game time settings" including bughouse tournaments!

Note: Please look at the blog entry below concerning the Feb 20 tournament and HICL standing, remember you must HAVE PLAYED in 18 games out of (30 games = 5 tournaments ) to qualify for the end of year awards to be giving out in March! Remember the winners will be sponsored to the to the USCF Hawaii Championships held in Sept as well as receiving some nice awards and free membership into CXR next year and sponsored to a free entry to the Le Jardin Academy tournament Sept 30 if your still in school K -12.

The HCF calendar also displays all the USCF tournaments scheduled as well as some new scholastic tournaments to be held at Iolani on March 4, and April 1 at Kahuku G/15 tournaments and bughouse tournaments! There could a another one in May if interest is high location to be annouced!

So we'll see you soon, always first check the HCF calendar for upcoming tournaments here in Hawaii! Details on events are available as well as entry forms!


Frank Alejandro
WCC Director
HICL / CXR Ratings Administrator

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