Monday, December 19, 2005

December 2005 summary for Hawaii HICL chess players

Aloha Hawaii Chess players,

Lots has happen since November. Robert Lau 9th grader place 1st and is now the national 9th grade champion, held in Houston, Texas! More details at

On Dec 10 the Winter Scholastic tournament was held and John Iiumna won the open section with 5.5 points and in the Novice section with a perfect score of 9.0 points Halapiapi Manufekai was the winner. We expect to see him do well in the open section as well!

Anyway we look forward to the upcoming scholastic tournaments and have the current standing for HICL - Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League which basically is the the last three scholastic tournaments and the new current leader is John Iiumna with a rating of 1490 for the season and a 10-1-1 record after the two tournaments he played in and right behind is Robert Lau at 1480 with a 6-0-0 record after one tournament. Robert intended on playing in the Dec 10 event but was not feeling well after the return trip form the Nationals in Houston, Texas so he skipped the event. As a matter of fact a portion of the HICL players were SAT testing and or at family holiday events so the turnout was lower, but NOT as low as the Sept 24 tournament at the beginning of the year! And in third place is Christopher Wong at 1452 and a 9-2-1 record after two tournaments. The next three or four tournaments will determine the winners of the HICL. But lots of things can still happen, so we hope to see you soon and see if you can top these players!!

The last three events have had three different winners starting with:

Sept 24, 2005 - Le Jardin Academy Tournament
- Open Section Winner - 5th grade Billy Swartworth 5-1-0

Nov 11, 2005 - Veteran's Day Tournament
- Open Section Winner - 9th grade Robert Lau 6-0-0

Dec 10, 2005 - Winter Tournament
- Open Section Winner - 10th grade John Iiumna 5-0-1

For more results details check

For the current HICL standings for all 116 players who have played this year in the HCF tournaments in the "Open section" go to HICL current standings as well as the current CXR - Chess Express national standing by rating for the HICL CXR league. Remember the main difference between HICL and HICL CXR ratings, is that HICL resets each year at start of school year to 1200 for all players and is consider a seasonal rating! The HICL CXR ratings is a National rating and is a lifetime rating and only changes when you play in any CXR rated event, such as USCF tournaments, scholastic tournaments and / or at CXR affiliated chess clubs that hold tournaments or match games that are rated by CXR. Currently ONLY public chess club in HAwaii that does that is Windward Chess Club and the new Kailua Chess Group! CXR ratings are similar to USCF ratings, but CXR has 40 plus stats that USCF currently cannot offer! Check for more details! Or email me at frank713@windwardchess,org and email Russ Mollot at for how to start your own CXR affiliated CXR club!

The next four Scholastic Tournaments are

Jan 16 - MLK Day tournament at Aliamanu Inter.

Feb 20 - Presidents's Day tournament at Aliamanu Inter.

Mar 10 -11 - Scholastic Championships at Windward Community College

April 8 - To TBA at Kahuku or Le Jardin Academy!

Check this link to find further details on this tournaments!

Have a Happy Holiday and see you soon at one of the upcoming tournaments!

Frank Alejandro
Windward Chess Club Director
HICL & CXR Rating Administrator

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