Saturday, November 12, 2005

2005 Veterans Day Interscholastic at Aliamanu Elementary

Open section Results:

The second scholastic tournament of 2005 - 2006 season has just been completed. Robert Lau a 9th grader set the pace with a perfect 6 point score to win 1st place overall with 93 players in the Open section. tied for 2nd to 4th on tiebreakers with a score of 5 points were Christopher Wong, John Iinuma & Ian Sakamoto! This win for Robert Lau has placed him at the top of the HICL ratings roster with a seaon high rating of 1480!

Billy Swartworth & Steven Yee came 1st to 2nd on tiebreakers in the Elementary division with score 0f 4 .5 points, Tristan Kaonohi, Ryan Hara & Mark Flores, came in 3rd to 5th with of 4 points each on tiebreakers.

Ryan Jose Palomares, Nathan Ulm, Ryan Young & Aaron Thomas, came in 1st to 4thplace on tiebreakers in the Middle School division with 4 points each.

Kevin Erick, Jesse Manufekai had 5 points each and on tiebreakers came in 1st to 2nd place , Danton Lee came in 3rd place with a score of 4.5 points in the High School Division.

Team Results:

Elementary School Div:: 1st Hanahau'oli School, 2nd Le Jardin Academy E, 3rd Maryknoll ES

Middle School Division: 1st Pearl City HIS, 2nd Maryknoll IS, 3rd Holy Family Catholic Academy

Overall Team winners : 1st Punahau HS, 2nd Pearl City HS, 3rd Hanala HS


In the Novice section:
Overall winner was Evan de Luna with perfect 6 points, Tyler Oho-Watt, Jesse Ono, Thaddeus Padua, Lucia Amore, & Andrew Brabazon tied for 2nd to 5thplace . The Novice section had 51 novice players and the attendance mark set a record for this section.


In the College Section: The newest section of these scholastic tournaments is for "Full time students only" and had 14 players, they played a blazing 14 games at G/5 for 7 rounds in a dual meet with each player they played. The winner was Paul Iinuma with an amazing 13.5 score, 2nd went to Scott Kira, and 3rd to Adam Victoria-Santarone.

Guy Ontai & Randy Prothero ran an outstanding scholastic tournament with 158 players in three sections, the players, parents and coaches all should be giving a big Mahalo and lets hope we contunie having these large tournaments year round! But with other events and sports happening that will not always happen so we'll see how the rest of the season goes! Next tournament is Dec 10 at Aliamanu Intermediate School, check calendars for details.

The Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League (HICL) ratings have been updated and are available at

CXR Chess Express, Inc. again is rating our scholastic tournaments, so the players are actually getting rated twice, once by HICL a local seasonal rating system that gives out awards at the end of the year to the top performance overall to HCF scholastic tournament players based on HICL rating and via CXR a national lifetime rating system. Please check your ratings at both of these web sites to see how you stand against others. The unique think about CXR is that you get more than one rating you will also see over 40 stats once you are no longer a "Provisional player" and can can see how you stand against other players not just in Hawaii, but nationally and even Canadian players. There currently is 1366 CXR players of which Hawaii has 359 players adults and scholastic players.

For those interested in giving a donation to HICL please contact Frank H. Alejandro at or 235-1567 these funds will be used to puchase awards for the HICL winners as well as for the entry fees we will award these players to enter the Hawaii State Championships held in Sept 2006. In case some players are not able to pay for their CXR membership we will be supplementing this dues payment from this fund as its only $5 annually per scholastic player!

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