Wednesday, October 10, 2007

North American Youth Championships

Hawaii's Scholastic Champion Robert Lau takes 1st in the under 16 "Boys" section in Mexico at the North American Youth Chess Championships held Oct 5 -7. The top player in sections U 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 will receive the FIDE Candidate Master or Woman Candidate Master Titles. according to FIDE Handbook. Congrats Robert and

U.S. Team results & games from USCF web site

Boys Under 16- Robert Lau- 7/7, gold medal
Girls Under 16- Nicole Maffeo 4/6
Boys Under 12- Aleksander Ostrovskiy (6/7, silver medal) and Michael Chiang (4.5/7)
Boys Under 10- Aaron Schein (4.5/7)
Girls Under 10- Claudia Munoz (5/6, gold medal)
Boys Under 8- Raymond Sun (7/7, gold medal), Tanuj Vasudeva (5/7, bronze medal) Ian Gilchrist (4.5/7), Eduardo Gonzalez (3/7)
Girls Under 8- Simone Liao (5/5, gold medal)

Hope if years to come we
can more USA and Hawaii players play in these types of events, but will need sponsors or lot of car washes! Nov 12 is Hawaii's next scholastic tournament where Robert and many others will be playing to see who will next year's Scholastic Champion.

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