Monday, October 01, 2007

4th Annual Le Jardin Academy Scholastic Tournament!

The first scholastic tournament of the new school year was held Sept 29 at Le Jardin Academy Campus on the Windward side had 104 plus players playing in an open, novice, parents section as well as Demo Go Tournament! LJA Staff & students provided hotdogs and snacks this year! We had a slow start and a few delays and so we ended with a 5 rounds instead of 6 round tournament. The individual Overall co-winners were William Chen and John Iinuma with 5.0 points each, there were was a large group of players with 4.0 points and Eldon Nakagawa took 3rd with a second tiebreaker to win this spot. the rest of the 4.0 players took top awards in the High, Immediate, Elementary & Primary Divisions. In the Demo Go Tournament Chase Kessler continues his winning ways! In the Parents section James Corpuz took 1st.

In the team division Pearl City High School won top honors with 17.0 team points, Kamehameha Intermediate & Kamehameha Elementary came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively, and had to give up the perpetual LJA team trophy, which now has four chess team names on it and so continues to go from one school to another. the other school team winners are Maryknoll 2004 (no chess team this year) Le Jardin Academy 2005, and Kamehameha Schools 2006. Next year PCHS must they must return the LJA Team trophy for the 5th Annual LJA Scholastic Chess Tournament to be held in Sept 2008 on the last Saturday. Check the following link for the rest of the team awards! Next scholastic tournament is Oct 13, same week Blue Angels are visiting Kaneohe!

Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League Standing are posted at HICL, current leader is William Chen followed by John Iinuma and Eldon Nakagawa!

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