Saturday, September 17, 2005

What is CXR? How do some Hawaii Chess clubs use it?

Chess Expess, Inc. CXR (Chess eXpress Ratings) is a chess rating & statistical service. CXR is in the business of providing you with the most complete set of personal performance metrics possible, to help you track and improve your play. CXR service is available through CXR-affiliated chess clubs and tournament directors. CXR is the fastest-growing chess rating authority in the English-speaking world, and has been recognized by many masters, grandmasters, TDs, club officials, and players as the new standard in chess metrics.

Now who uses CXR in Hawaii, Le Jardin Academy CC (LJACC). Maryknoll School CC (KNOLL), Assets School CC (ASSET). Windward Chess Club (WMCHI / WCC), Kaneohe Scholastic Chess Club (KSCHI), and (HICL) - Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League. Any club that has a minimum of 8 players can start a CXR club at no additional charge beside the annual membership dues, you do have to a admin person such as a coach, parent or team leader that updates records, and enters game, this can be delegated to deputies!

Have you noticed there seems to be new scholastic chess club in Kaneohe, well actually since we were getting so many new scholastic members without there own "home clubs" and have been initially placing them in the Windward Chess Club I decided to put all scholastic players that had no home club in the so called Kaneohe Scholastic Chess Club, so basically they are Windward Chess clubs players and chess players who play in the HICL "without home clubs". The other nice thing is that players can be imported in to whatever clubs they play by the admin person of that club, but they have only one home club! So those scholastic players who do play at Windward Chess Club occasionally will also show up on the WCC roster! And when their name appears on a Top 30 or Hot list** that home club will appear next to their name and rating, etc.!

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