Sunday, September 25, 2005

2nd Annual Le Jardin Academy Chess Tournament Results

Aloha Hawaii Scholastic players, Coaches, Parents and friends,

For those that were able to make it to this year’s tournament, there was plenty of action and we hope to see even more players at the next five tournaments and USCF tournaments. LJA had a total 43 players and Mililani Chess Day (USCF) tournament had only 9 players! So where were you guys, I know football, soccer, swimming, sailing maybe! Not at the movies or just playing video game’s or watching TV this past Saturday (Sept 24)!! Note: If you want to play better chess games, besides studying / practicing you got to get out there and play in our tournaments! Especially if you’re interested and want to qualify for the HICL’s end of year awards, no play no awards!

We had a lot close battles for both teams and individual players in the Open, Novice and Parent section, we had to use tiebreakers to determine the award winners. Le Jardin High / Intermediate won the Team trophy and so Le Jardin’s perpetual team trophy has return to its home of origin. Thanks Maryknoll for taking care of it! Hanahau'oli Intermediate (another team that I help coach) was tied for 1st came in 2nd and Maryknoll Intermediate came in 3rd via tiebreakers!

The Individual players Open section had another three way tie and William (Billy) Swartworth (Le Jardin Academy) even though he lost the his last round game to Aaron Bright (Moanlua High) who came in 2nd. Billy manage to win via tiebreaker. Kris Aldenderfer (Le Jardin Academy) President of LJA chess club also was tied for 1st and got 3rd place trophy. Board #1 on the stage was displayed via A/V equipment lend to us by Le Jardin Academy and the two wood leather boards I provided were made by Katherine Louise .

Trenton Lum (Roosevelt) and Kimberly Kidani (Maryknoll) tied for 1st in the Novice section and John Mussack (Holy Family Catholic Academy - Coach) won 1st place in the new Parent section!

For additional details ratings and status please visit and if you do not remember your log-in or password just email and I will email back this info. This is HICL’s second season and so only the current “35 open section players” will be listed in the HICL roster until Nov 2005! This is when scholastic players will have the next scheduled scholastic event. So be sure to keep playing and practicing. Remember you need a minimum of 18 games to qualify for the end of year awards. Last year winner’s received some really nice awards and all thirteen had free entries to the Hawaii State Championship and we like to do it again. Donations are welcome to continue to provide these awards, please email to get additional details to Last year Le Jardin Academy club, Assets School’s and Windward Chess Club’s Awards were made by Marian Hawkins from Kailua. I also like to thank the Le Jardin Faulty, teachers, chess player’s parents, friends and of course our scholastic players for making this a successful tournament. I made a few mistakes and I promise I will improve on that. Wade Okumura was my TD assistant and we like welcome him to the ranks of TD world; hmm forgot to get him to fill-out a USCF TD form! We’ll just email him a copy!

HICL is a local rating (Only for HCF scholastic tournaments) that I generate via the WinTD pairing program and all players start rating is 1200 each season. We also use CXR Chess Express, Inc. a National chess rating system that updates a player’s rating and also has over 40 plus stats to assist (each player, coach, and parent); into understanding a players strong / weak areas of their play. But to be correct you have to play often, and not just in tournaments, you can also have club games rated via CXR just contact Russ Mollot President of CXR at or myself and we will explain how to do it. Bottom line there is no additional cost, just each player’s annual dues, your current CXR accounts can easily be transferred when you start your own CXR rated chess club. If you play at Windward Chess Club or any other CXR affiliate chess club you can have you’re name listed at each of these clubs at no additional cost either. Each club will have their own administrator /deputies and they process player’s games and add new players, paid dues via etc

We had one Hawaii Chess Board member Larry Reifurth visited us on official business to have me sign the new improved constitution / bylaws to help get HCF the 501(c)3 status to help us make chess events even better! I am also the Windward Chess Club Director and club meets on Wednesdays from 5:30PM to 8:30PM approx and so a HCF board member. Larry also is a STD (is the Senior Tournament Director for U.S. Chess Federation) and runs the Sept Labor Day weekend Hawaii State Championship every year; he gave us some good points for making improvements. Next year we expect to have a larger group, and maybe some more fans to help keep us stay cool. The rain on Friday made things a little humid, I could not stop sweating and was not working that hard either! If I left anyone out I did not mean too!

Oh yes, a big hand to Russ Mollot President of CXRChess Express, Inc. and Jean Troendle (Cajun Chess www.cajunchess.comNew Orleans) she is still not operational to selling chess equipment, but promises ASAP she will be back in business. Also to HCF - Hawaii Chess Federation for promoting our tournament via their web site at, check here often to see when the next tournament is scheduled. And just to update you my dad ended up staying in Houston and only his backyard wooden fence got blown down, Houston, Texas was very lucky indeed!

Mahalo to everyone for your outstanding support to scholastic chess,

Frank Alejandro
WCC Director
LJACC Chess Coach

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