Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hawaii Winter Scholastic Tournament - results

Dec 15 Hawaii Winter Scholastic Tournament was about to start and had about 112 players in both Open and Novice sections and TD Guy Ontai & Randy Prothero had everything under control to start the 6 round tournament.

But just a few minutes before the the player / coaches meeting, Guy was informed that there was another group scheduled to use the venue later in the evening, but the problem was they needed the venue sooner! So the compromise was a 5 round tournament and no scheduled lunch. With everyone's help the event ended in record time and all awards were handed quickly.

When dust settled the only undefeated co-winners in the Open section were John Iinuma and Marissa Wai both with 5 - 0- 0 records John winning on tie-breakers this time, at Le Jardin Academy he came in 2nd due to tie-breakers. 3rd place went Stephen Mau on tie-breakers with 10 other player with 4 points each. In the Novice section Joshua Hsi with 6.5 points out 7 won 1st, 2nd went to Duke Mailolo with 5.5 points, 3rd to Alex Rambaud with 5 points.

Top three teams were 1st place Pearl City High School with 18 points, Hanala 2nd place with 13 points and 3rd place Mililani Middle School with 12.5 points.

One other item that needs to be mention is that the next three tournaments will have a fourse awards sections in the Open section, K -3rd, K-6th, K-8th, and K-12th, so more awards and and we expecte lots more players hence the new the venue!

Believe everyone had fun and even had a little Go game action on side between rounds, as Hawaii will once again be having one of the eight U.S Youth Go Championship Qualifiers, held around the country. Will announce confirmation and additional details later!

The start of the 2008 Scholastic schedule is below, please note the next two tournaments are at a new location "Washington Middle School" and we hope to see you there!

2008 Hawaii Chess Federation Calendar

Mon 1/21/08 MLK Day Interscholastic G/25 TD: Guy P. Ontai
** New Location Washington Middle School
1663 S. King St. - Honolulu
Open Division - 9am check-in
Novice Division - 10am Check-in

Mon 2/18/08 Presidents Day Interscholastic G/25 TD: Guy P. Ontai
Washington Middle School
1663 S. King St. - Honolulu
Open Division - 9am check-in
Novice Division - 10am Check-in

March 14-15, 2008 2008 State Scholastic Championships TD: Guy P. Ontai
Details TBA

Sat 4/12/08 2008 Girl's State Interscholastic Championships TD: Guy P. Ontai
Aliamanu Middle School
3271 Salt Lake Blvd.
11:30am Check-in - 12:00pm Round 1

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