Saturday, July 28, 2007

Windward Chess & Go Club now meeting again in Kaneohe!

Aloha Windward Chess & Go Club players,

We have finally moved again "just temporary" until its decided where to place us in Windward Mall.

Windward Chess & Go Club will be meeting at Starbucks Coffee in Kaneohe, across the street from Zippy's and Windward Mall! See for map and details also see

Border's Bookstore is open, but still arranging things and their Starbucks will not open until August 3rd, plus we are still waiting for headquarters & mall's approval, etc.

Windward Chess & Go Club has been away from the Windward Mall now for 16 months, it was only suppose to be or 12 months, but some changes have occurred and we are hoping to be allowed to meet somewhere near or in Border's. it will be similar to the Starbucks Coffee Shop that we are currently planning to meet in. So we'll just have to get used to it, Kailua District Park has be great to us, they given us plenty of room, just now we have few chess & go players coming out to play. Could be the summer vacation, could be we have less chess players, now, or it could be Windward Mall chess players only want to play in the mall. Whatever the reasons we hope to see a good showing at our meetings from now on.

Rep Cynthia Thielen has been fighting for us to get into Windward Mall, but so far its been a waiting game to see when the new Border's & Starbucks would open. So now that we are meeting in Kaneohe I hope to see some of die-hard chess & go players show some support for YOUR club. Last week there was only two us in this huge meeting room at Kailua District Park, unbelievable.

So starting this week (August 1st) we will be meeting at Starbucks Coffee, in Kaneohe at 43-23 Kamehameha Hwy, right across from Zippy's. This the same place the Oahu Go Club meets on Mondays and we have had a good showing from our Go players.

Also please join our Meetup group for Windward Chess & Go Club, that way you can be kept abreast of where WCGC is meeting weekly, should we move again.

Mahalo for supporting your local Windward Chess & Go Club. see links below for more information and maps of location of next meetings for both Windward Chess & Go Club and Oahu Go Club. And should be interested in boat safety and joining the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary a group of volunteer's there a link there for that as well. I happen to be the web master as well for all these groups as well.

August 4th we are having our first "Warm-up Scholastic Chess Tournament" at Kailua District Park next Saturday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, see for flier an more details.

Also we hope to see you this Wednesday August 1st, at Starbucks Coffee in Kaneohe same side a Longs Drug Store and next to Jamba Juice.

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