Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sailing across the Pacific S.F to Honolulu

I know this is not about Chess or Go hm, and hopefully not the USCG, so thought I just let you know my best friend Pat's two Grandson's Graham & Brian will be leaving to S.F and will departure on May 8 to Honolulu.
Their dad Bernie Boltz will be the Blog webmaster so it be pretty much a one way communication from Boltz Team on the Shun-Feng Sailboat.
So to check their where abouts by visiting their web site at http://boltzsailing.blogspot.com and see how they doing! Hey Berni your doing good, we'll help get this photo displayed properly at your blog!
The boys born and raised in Hawaii are experience as they swim like fish and love to surf, windsurf, Kite surf, kayak, motorboat,fish, dive, and sometimes experiment with things like kayak kite sailing and things related to the ocean. They will be sailing with a friend who is an experience captain so they should have minimum problems, bearing in in mind that weather is a big factor!
So we wish Calm Seas and Fair Winds to the Boltz Team!

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