Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hawaii Veteran's Day Interscholastic Chess Tournament


TD's Guy Ontai and Randy Prothero ran a large scholastic tournament Nov 10th with 103 players in the Open section and 36 players in the Novice section. All Open section players are now CXR members see, with 31 new members and 10 renewing the rest were already current members. There actually was 111 CXR active CXR members as there were 8 playing in the Novice section, trying to regroup to re-enter the Open the section next time! CXR has added some interesting graphs to each player that has played at least 20 games so check it out! These Novice players games were rated by CXR as well.

To see the current HICL - Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League standing see (click here) This was the second tournament rated by HICL and the next one will the Jan 16, 2007 the MLK Scholastic chess tournament!

The surprise winner was Charles Sonido who had been laying back and out fought Robert Lau in the 5th round to go undefeated 6.0 points and win the tournament with the only perfect score. 2nd went to Robert Lau (last year's state champion), and 3rd John Iinuma who won the Le Jardin Academy tournament on Sept 30. So we are seeing some great competition and we look forward to more in the coming months.

In the Novice section the winner was Roy Yang with 7.0 out 8 possible points on tiebreakers over Christian Arakaki who was tied with him. 3rd palce went to Joshua Lee & Ryan Nakashima with 6.0 points. Ryan defeated his own teammate Roy Yang) in the final round to cause the final round tie!

The 1st place overall team was Punahou HS with 18.5 points and Moanalua HS with 17.o points and Pearl City HS with 16.5, so that was a very close battle there as well. I expect the next few tournament prior to the State Championships on March 9 - 10th.

This month we had the most tournaments scheduled, today the Mililani Chess Day and next Saturday the TOPTOPUS CXR tournament with a silver besides cash to be given away on November 25th! See for more details!

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