Sunday, October 08, 2006

Le Jardin Academy 3rd Annual Chess Tournament - Sept 30, 2006

Aloha Hawaii Chess players,

The Hawaii scholastic chess tournament season started with 106 chess players in three sections, Open, Novice, and Parent. I was hard pressed for time due to having to explain things to my assistants with little time to spare. But we manage, with a few delays at the start and having to drop round six. I made some errors and finally corrected the awards as they should be. (There will be additional awards handed to those who are listed on the Open section. I had fun overall and will look forward to next year's tournament, we went from 35 to 46 to 106 players (in three years) and I expect next year will be larger and better.

Will make sure we get started on time and that everyone helping is aware of what needs to be done. We could not could have done everything without Kam School booster group providing the food and Damien School providing us with some entertainment and bringing in their football team as well as few other schools singing their school songs and Damien Memorial School even had their school Mascot visit the chess tournament! The giant chess set was hit. I also like to give a Big Mahalo to Le Jardin Academy for allowing to have this tournament on campus and we hope to keep having it here!

The Open section Winner was John Iinuma with a prefect score of 5.0 points earning him the the initial top spot on the HICL - Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League at 1441 rating and a CXR rating of 1621. The Novice section Winner was Christian Arakaki with a another perfect score of 5.0 and the honor of moving on to the Open section at the November 10, 2006 Vetaran's Day tournament TD by Guy Ontai! The Parent section winner was won by Scott Bowling needing a tiebreaker game. So you see parents can play chess too!

The Overll team winner was Kamehameha School Intermediate Chess team with 14.0 points, to see the rest of the results (click here ->> Wallcharts)

Open section was rated by both CXR and HICL

To see next tournament scheduled please visit

Mahalo for all of you making this a successful scholastic tournament!

Frank Alejandro

Le Jardin Academy Chess Tournament Results

LJA Team Results

LJA Open Section Results

LJA Novice Section Results

LJA Parent Section Results

HICL Standings

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