Friday, September 01, 2006

USCL results for Week 1

USCL results for Week 1 August 28th & 30th

1. Tennessee Tempo vs Seattle Sluggers Seattle 4-0
2. New York Knights vs Philadelphia Masterminds New York 2.5-1.5
3. Carolina Cobras vs Baltimore Kingfishers Baltimore 2.5-1.5
4. Boston Blitz vs Miami Sharks Boston 3-1
5. San Francisco Mechanics vs Dallas Destiny San Francisco 3-1

USCL Scheduled games for Week 2 - Wednesday September 6th 2006

1. Philadelphia Masterminds vs Boston Blitz 7:00 ET (HST 1:00PM)
2. Baltimore Kingfishers vs New York Knights 7:15 ET
3. Dallas Destiny vs Tennessee Tempo 8:00 ET
4. Miami Sharks vs San Francisco Mechanics 8:30 ET
5. Seattle Sluggers vs Carolina Cobras 9:00 ET
(There is no Monday Night Chess due to Labor Day)

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