Saturday, June 04, 2005

Aloha - Welcome to Windward Chess Club's blog!

Our main goal is to promote chess for the community and to provide mentors for school chess programs. The club combines educational and social activities. Members come to play, to learn, and to get together with old friends and make new ones. The players, no matter what their level of skill, experience, or age - speak a common language, and one that is often not understood in other areas of a person's life. The rivalries are friendly; the friendships are competitive. The clubs can offer a wide variety of activities. There can be skittles, speed chess or rated games, etc. Club activities can include simultaneous extibitions, lectures, and even formal lessons, EVERY member is important to the success of the chess club.

We look forward to your ideas and feedback to improving and promoting chess in Hawaii!

Mahalo, Paco


Anonymous said...

hi, awesome blog!

Paco said...

Aloha Brian,

Hope you have a nice vacation in S.F., see you at the mall when you return! Oh yes Happy 4th of July.

By the way your grandfather's service at sea ceremony was a beautiful event to see from Portlock's China Wall, ocean and tradewinds blowing it was an awesome site. May John's spirit be free and with you and your family always. Mahalo Paco