Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League Awards & Hawaii Chess News

Aloha Chess & Go players, etc.,

Wow had a very good turn out at the Windward Community College; we were missing a few key teams and players! But there is always next year and other tournaments, right! Please give Guy Ontai & Randy Prothero a huge Mahalo! We even had great weather for the tournament and then the rain came back the next day!

Robert Lau won the High School section winning the right to represent Hawaii at the Denker Tournament of Champions!! He currently has a undefeated 32 CXR games streak, with only three more to equal GM Alek Wojtkiewicz There lot of winners to many to name here But since we sponsored HICL I'll Iist them here and you also check how you and others stood in the HICL standing. Just go to http://www.windwardchess.org/tourresults/HICL.html

Next fun chess tournament is April 1st at Kahuku, two tournaments and Rapids G/15 yes even rated by CXR. And a Bughouse G/5 of course, similar to Iolani's tournament but team and individual event all in one same as our regular touranmets we had all season but a little faster! You can play in one or both tournaments! Even have door prizes for players!

Frank Alejandro will be demonstrating the game of Go as a side bar for those interested, a game 4500 years old and simple to learn but like chess will take a life time to master as IM Edward Laker stated in his book on Go!! Please visit http://www.windwardchess.org/ to learn more about both games as well as links to chess sand go programs and meeting locations of clubs! Anyway more details on the last items later!

# Player Award CXR# HICL CXR G W-L-D %

1 Lau, Robert * 1st Overall 2009 1577 2050 17 16-0-1 .971
2 Iinuma, John * 2nd Overall 1150 1560 1666 23 20-2-1 .891
4 Wong, Christopher * 3rd Overall 3675 1487 1528 23 17-4-2 .783

5 Koo, Matt * 1st High 3655 1478 1485 17 14-2-1 .853
6 Lee, Danton * 2nd High 2011 1458 1753 23 17-5-1 .761
7 Erick, Kevin * 3rd High 2019 1415 1485 23 17-6-0 .739

8 Wai, Marissa * 1st Inter 81599 1412 993 17 10-6-1 .618
31 Flores, Mark * 2nd Inter 1548 1269 1157 17 11-6-0 .647
35 Yee,. Steven * 3rd Inter 3664 1264 1328 23 11-8-4 .565

13 Swartworth, Billy * 1st Elem 1130 1369 1363 23 15-4-4 .739
16 Kaonohi, Tristan * 5 Tour /2nd Elem 1556 1341 1423 28 17-8-3 .661
25 Takiguchi, Eric * 3rd Elem 3618 1293 1108 23 14-8-1 .630

34 Leonard, Raphael * 5 Tour 3601 1266 1200 29 17-12-0 .586
10 Bright, Aaron * 5 Tour 3612 1400 1428 29 21-8-0 .724
65 Tanabe, Katie * 5 Tour 1122 1206 1096 29 13-15-1 .466
66 Morikawa, Mickey * 5 Tour 81509 1205 1064 29 13-15-1 .466
77 Lum Blaise, Kapena * 5 Tour 81505 1190 1063 27 12-15-0 .444
89 Colby, Logan * 5 Tour 1146 1166 988 29 12-16- 1 .431

128 Imperial, Xavier * 5 Tour / Sports 1129 1036 805 27 6-19-2 .259
132 Chow, John * 5 Tour / Sports 81507 987 748 27 5-22-0 .185

2006 Hawaii Chess Federation Calendar Go to http://www.hawaiichess.org/ fro the rest of the calendar

4/1/06 Kahuku Open Rapid Tournament G/15 (5 rounds) TD: Frank Alejandro
(Saturday) & Bughouse Tournament (9:00 am Reg.)
Tournament details

4/8/06 9am Reg Mililani Chess Day G/45 USCF Rated TD: Randy Prothero
The Town Center of Mililani - Near Gazebo in Center
Also Open Play, Free Lessons & The Giant Chess Set

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hawaii Scholastic Chess News

Aloha Hawaii Chess Players,

2006 President’s Day 4x4 Team Tournament was held at Aliamanu Intermediate School G/25, 5 rounds, 2-20-06 TDs: Guy P. Ontai & Randy Prothero with allot of helpers, due to the 160 plus players playing! For the rest of the tournament results go to www.hawaiichess.org.

Open Section – 4 Player Teams
Overall Place

1st Gold Medals - Iolani #1 Team, 4.5 team points
2nd Silver Medals - Homeschool Team, 4.5 team points
3rd Bronze Medals - Pearl City HS Team, 4.0 team points

Novice Section Winners 6 rounds G/15

1st - Krienke, Marissa, 6.0 points
2nd - Michael, Kory, 5.0 points
3rd - Seto, Brendan, 5.0 ponts
4th - Butt, Rehan, 5.0 points
5th - Leonard, Forest, 5.0 points

First it required a little more time than I had to get the HICL and CXR ratings completed quickly, due to the team format of the tournament, but a little trial and error I finally got it formatted for CXR www.chess-express.com to process. As for the seasonal HICL ratings, still rechecking for errors, but I do have a draft of the rosters available at link on Item #2 and Item #3 below!

News links & ratings links!

1. Who is the World Chess King? http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/02/20/news/web.0220brad.php

2. New HICL-Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League Final seasonal ratings roster! http://www.windwardchess.org/tourresults/HICL.html

3. New National CXR ratings available at http://www.chess-express.com under the Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League name! This a history of all your games rated by CXR. As long as your active you will be able to see your ratings & stats. Reminder many of you never got your log-in and password so please email me at frank713@windwardchess.org for this information.

The two rating Hard copies of (HICL and CXR rosters) will be available for your review at the March 11 tournament as well as on-line!!

Note: If you would like to donate $5 for this CXR service and / or for HICL seasonal awards you can use Paypal at our Windward Chess Club web site link under the picture of Windward Chess Club players, or just click on paypal link above! We are still actively seeking NEW sponsors for HICL / CXR programs!

Info: Cost for 200 CXR players is $5 per player = $1000 annually, and does not include the HICL awards program costs! None of this is funded by HCF or taken from tournament entries, accept for the LJA Tournament we hold annually. which has been kicking off the Hawaii chess tournament season the last two years and will continue doing so! This year HCF / HICL open section scholastic tournaments had 162 players (5tournaments) and last year we had 178 players (5 tournaments).

Its normally overlooked during the tournament annoucements, but it does not stop us from getting the Hawaii's scholastic tournaments rated by CXR, Susan Polgar now has her New York Chess Center and her Susan Polgar Texas Chess Center involved. CXR- Chess Express, Inc. now has affiliates in Canada, Mexico, S. Africa and others are joining!

Note: HICL has no rating cost. its maintained on my own computer and so is only a seasonal rating and posted at http://www.windwardchess.org/, but at the end of each scholastic chess tournaments season HICL is giving out awards to the top rating performers and it does help to play in as many tournaments as possible. This year we had only 8 players play in all five recent scholastic (Sept 2005 to Feb 2005) tournaments out of 162 players. Chess season is year long so its understandable that other sports and events will keep players away at times!


HICL awards will be presented to winners on March 11, so be sure to come play in the Hawaii State Championships for High School to held from March 10 to March 11. And for K -8 only on March 11. Due to Feb 20 tournament having only five rounds we lowered the requirement of 18 games down to 17 games to qualify and to be fair to those counting on this tournament to achieve the minimum requirement of games!

2006 Hawaii Chess Federation Calendar

3/4/06 Iolani Invitational G/15, 5 rounds( PDF File) TD: Jim Rubash
(Saturday) Word Version of Flyer/Reg. Form
Reg. 8:00am - Student Center (Registration closes promtly at 8:30am) {Please print and review tournament details). Bughouse tournament sign-up for Bughouse tour.anytime before 12:30pm.


3/4/06 Free - Girls Chess Workshop (PDF File) TD: Reynolds Takata
Word Version of Flyer
(Saturday) 1:30pm to 3:00pm- Iolani School Student Center

3/10/06 - 3/11/05 2006 Scholastic State Championships (PDF File) TD: Guy P. Ontai
(Fri-Sat) Word Version of Flyer/Reg. Form
CXR rated - Open Only Windward Community College
K-12 Section Fri & Sat,- K-3, K-6 & K-8 Divisions Saturday only

4/1/06 Kahuku Open Rapid Tournament G/15 (5 rounds) TD: Frank Alejandro
(Saturday)& Bughouse Tournament (same rules as Iolani)
CXR rated - Open Only Details TBA avialble soon!

4/8/06 9am Reg Mililani Chess Day G/45 USCF Rated TD: Randy Prothero
The Town Center of Mililani - Near Gazebo in Center
Also Open Play, Free Lessons & The Giant Chess Set
CXR rated only for active members, For more info email frank713@windwardchess.org
5/12/05 5:30pm HCF Board Meeting Contact: Randy Prothero
(Friday) Dillingham Sizzlers


For th rest of the Hawaii calendar visit http://www.hawaiichess,org/


Frank H. Alejandro
Windward Chess Club Director
HICL & CXR Ratings Adminstrator
Oahu Go Club Director
Chess Coach / TD